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I'm Radhy, goes by pseudo name SideKarakterGendut on internet. In case you're wondering, side karakter gendut translated as fatty side character in English.

I'm a web novel author...

As a native Indonesian web novel author, I started my first online story Spirit Conductor in Indonesian Language around November 2016, which I posted my on personal blog, Indonesian forums, and wattpad. It's a book with fantasy theme, inspired and experimented a lot with clichés often found in Asian mainstream fantasy novels, written with mature audiences in mind. So please don't be upset if you find any cough cough scenes inside. The novel stopped after one year writing, but I started its English translated and edited version in early 2018, which still continue to update with 3 chapters posted per week.

And I'm a (cheap) freelance content writer too!

Hey, do you need a cheap freelance writer to write articles for you? Look no further, choose me choose me—me me me!

It's embarrassing to admit, but just like another internet novel author guy next door, my novel still doesn't give me any money from ads and donations. I'm a complete broke since I decided to dive straight to dark and spooky abyss called indie writing career, which pretty much won't get me anywhere in the next few years. Right now, I'm still focusing in improving my English writing skills and creating internet presences and other stuffs. Thus I labeled myself a freelance content writer in one lazy afternoon, hoping to get some pocket money to support my novel writing career.

you can get $5~$20 per article from me, depending on word counts and research difficulties

And no, in case you're pessimistic, what I write is not plagiarism garbages or some other half-assed sh*t. Although I'm going cheap because I need money to pay my internet bills, writing apps annually subscriptions, website hosting, and cups of coffee to sip while writing, I'm still an author, a writer. Therefore…

I research. I write. I engage.

Me is a proud writer who eager to improve his skills and aiming for quality contents to make everybody happy. You can count on that!

Look at HIRE ME section if you interested in, well, hire me!

Where is my professional photo shot, you asked? Well, I'm a ugly fat guy so you won't like what you will seeing if I post my photo here. Instead, have this picture of cutely kitty cats!


Spirit Conductor

In a far third-ranked land, there's a village, a place where a young man lives his casual life as a young master of Yashura Family. He befriends a roguish spirit who nurtured him with free manual techniques so the spirit can steal his body later on. However, an accident happens, setting powerful factions into motion.

Meanwhile, old High Priest of Moon Temple forcibly takes power from Lord Darinkha whom his temple always served for thousands of years, and retires after that. With his old lover, he returns to his birth village and clashes with the villainous but carefree spirit as he tries to protect his dearest Yashura Family. He's the coolest Granddaddy ever lived.

Spirit Conductor is a fantasy story of a young chosen one, learning his fate, what it means and what it takes to break away from his preordained destiny.

sorry, articles are not available for public right now

articles will be ready one or two days after you make your order

Before you decide to hire me…

Please explain what kind of articles you want and, if possible, please show me one or more articles that have the style or niche you like me to follow. For example, if you want me to write a gaming niche articles for general audiences, you can give me a link like this article in your email.

Please be aware I can decide to refuse your order if the niche and researching is too hard for me to handle right now, or simple I don't have the time to complete it.

Cost per article written

Depending on words and research difficulties. Normally I charge minimum $5 for 500 words or fewer. From that on I will add $1 per 100 words. So if you want 1000 words article that would be $10. Harder niche cost a little costly but I'm open for negotiation.

Please pay me through PayPal only. If you can't send the payment to PayPal account, then sorry I have to refuse your order.

My writing schedule

I'll research and write your article as soon as you finish explain what you want. A normal article will be ready within 24-48 hours.

If you wish to hire me for a longer term and want articles every day from me, please check me through email and let me see if I can do that for you.

email me at if you ready to order articles from me